Рено за петък

Нико Хюлкенберг:
We had to fight to find grip at times today, but this was just an aspect of a pretty usual Friday for us. The car feels pretty decent so it’s just the standard Friday working through the data to find the best balance and set-up for of tomorrow.
Джулиън Палмър:
It wasn’t the end to the day that anyone wanted, however FP1 looked good. Starting the weekend in the top ten was positive, even if I suffered from a damaged front wing and floor after running wide and feeling the consequences of the new kerbs. My car didn’t feel right from the start of FP2, and this contributed to me putting it in the wall. Looking to tomorrow, we’re going to go over the set-up with a fine tooth comb as we know there’s definitely good potential. My side of the garage has a bit of work to do so there’ll be some cold drinks waiting for them at the end of the weekend to say thanks.
Ник Честър:
We saw good potential from the car today with competitive times from both drivers in the morning and Nico ending the day P7 in the afternoon. Nico was pretty happy with the balance and tyre wear was reasonable so we have a decent base to work with. Jolyon had a more difficult day; the track was certainly slippery as we saw from a number of offs, but his pace was good in FP1. We will work on balance with Jolyon overnight and look forward to FP3.