Рено за Испания

Даниел Рикардо:
It’s probably the most familiar circuit for all of us with all the pre-season and in-season testing we do there. I think it’s going to be interesting going there now, this late in the year, when it’s going to be a lot warmer than in February or even May when we usually race. We had a decent winter test there earlier in the year, but the car has changed a bit since then, so I’m looking forward to trying that out. It’s not usually the most exciting of races for overtakes as it’s a high-speed circuit and quite hard to follow the car in front. I think if we can qualify well, there’s no reason we can’t have a strong result.
Естебан Окон:
Barcelona is a bit like the home for Formula 1 – in a way - with all the testing we do there in the winter. It’s a track where I had my best result in Formula 1: fifth place in 2017. I’ve always had success there and had really good feelings going there as it’s one of my favourite tracks. I’m looking forward to it and aiming for a solid result.
Ciaron Pilbeam:
Barcelona is very much split into two sections. The first two sectors are mostly high-speed corners and then the end of the lap is generally much slower and very tough on the rear tyres as there are so many corners close together. One thing that is different for this race is the time of year. Normally we test in Barcelona in the winter in February and then race in May when it’s warmer. We’re now racing in August and it could be very hot. There might be less grip when it gets hot, but it won’t change the fundamentals of the track.