МакЛарън за Италия

Карлос Сайнц:
After the race in Barcelona I was hoping for another clean weekend at Spa, but unfortunately I couldn’t even start the race on Sunday. It’s very frustrating to look back and see all the points I've missed this season due to different problems, but I prefer to look forward and invest all my energy in the challenges and races ahead. I’m feeling good in the car and I’m sure my luck will eventually turn around if we keep focused and keep working hard. Luckily, I don’t have long to wait to get back in the car, as we head straight to Monza for the start of an Italian double-header. The high-speed characteristics of the circuit usually offer opportunities to overtake, especially into the first chicane, so we should be in for an exciting race. I’ve been working alongside the team these past few days to make sure we can maximise the performance of the car.
Ландо Норис:
We’ve had a positive start to this triple-header and now we head to Italy where we’ll try to keep up that momentum. The competition is extremely tight in both the Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championships, so we know that missing opportunities for points can have a big impact on those standings. We’ll be doing everything we can to build on P3 and P6 respectively. Monza is one of the more exciting circuits on the calendar with plenty of opportunities to battle for position, and I’m looking forward to getting out on track come FP1.
Адреас Зайдъл:
We move on to Monza with the mixed emotions of the Belgian Grand Prix put behind us, ready to fight again at the 'temple of speed'. As ever with these triple-headers, a lot of pressure is placed on the team to make sure we're prepared for the next race. The unique high-speed Monza circuit, will make it necessary to bring a low-downforce package again. It’s up to us in the race team to extract the maximum performance from the car in what will be a tight battle for strong points finishes. We’ll also carry a special tribute on the car this weekend to Ray Rowe, who is set to retire from the team after an incredible 55 years of service. ‘Tex’, as he’s fondly known in the team, joined with Bruce in 1965 and has worked in a variety of roles, including helping Bruce prepare for our first grand prix in 1966. We wish Tex a happy and healthy retirement. The intensity in the midfield is keeping us sharply focused on the task at hand. We’re aware that one bad race can drop a team from third in the Constructors’ Championship to sixth, so our strategy, operations and performance need to be at consistently high levels. With the narrow performance gap between four or five teams, we should be in for an exciting and enjoyable race.