Ресйинг Пойнт за Италия

Ланс Строл:
Some of your best showings have come at Monza. Why does it bring out the best in you? It’s such a high-speed track, which makes it a great challenge. Starting on the front row in 2017 was one of the best days of my career and I’m really looking forward to getting back there. I don’t think there’s any secret to my performances there – it’s just been a case of maximising the weekends. We’re approaching the halfway point of the 2020 season. How do you rate your campaign so far? It’s been a good start so far and I think we’ve had a strong start to the year as a team too. We’ve been consistently scoring points and I’m enjoying this car. We’ve had some challenging races too – such as last week in Spa, but we’re learning the lessons and working hard to keep improving the car. There is still a long way to go this season – ten more races – and I’m excited for a lot of the tracks coming up. How would you describe Monza in three words? Quick, historic, Italian!
Серхио Перес:
2019 was a memorable race, recovering from the back to P7. Was it one of your best drives in F1? It was definitely a good race! It was also a tricky one and we honestly weren’t expecting great things – but the team did a fantastic job and we had a really strong result. I had a great start too, which helped us make the most of the situation and we collected good points. Hopefully we can collect more this weekend. In Monza, teams run very little downforce on the car. How does it feel to drive the car there? On the straights it feels really light and you can feel that you’re right at the edge of what a Formula 1 car can do at high speeds. It’s part of what makes Monza such a unique challenge. It’s also great to drive at a circuit with such history and atmosphere. It’ll be really strange not to have the passionate fans there this year. Your season has had a few twists and turns already. Now we’re approaching the halfway point, how do you rate your campaign so far? It was tough to miss two races, so I can’t be fully satisfied with my season. But the great thing is that there are still a lot of races to go and the car is performing well, so I know I can be stronger in the second half of the season. I think I have room for improvement too, so I’m looking forward to putting everything together and hopefully fighting for a podium in the coming races.