Ред Бул за петък

Макс Верстапен:
We are struggling with general balance and grip today so we have quite a bit of work to do and it wasn’t the best start to the weekend. We were all trying to find the limits out on track and at Turn 11 if you have a bit of a moment then it is better to just let the car run wide as it doesn’t really matter during practice, which is why lots of us were having times deleted. The Team fixed my car quickly during FP1 and I didn’t have any affects from that in FP2 so there are no concerns there. I’m not too sure yet how the tyre wear will be but normally if you have a balanced car then the tyre wear will be ok, so we need to find that balance before qualifying.
Алекс Албон:
I was feeling okay in the morning session and the afternoon wasn’t bad, we just need to touch up a few things on the car for the low and high speed corners. It’s very close out there just as we expected and I think a tenth could be the difference between three or four positions. We know we’ve got some homework to do so we can fine tune the car balance to where we want it to be but I think there’s potential to improve our package here. My best lap in FP2 was deleted for exceeding track limits in Turn 11 which happened to a lot of us today. What we’re seeing is people backing up into you in the last corner as they start their lap and so you get their dirty air and then you struggle to stay tight to the corner. Obviously everyone is trying to make a gap to start their lap but it should be a little easier when qualifying starts because everyone is pushing at the same time.