Хаас за събота

Ромен Грожан:
I’m disappointed as we’d made a change on the rear ride-height between final practice and qualifying – it didn’t work. I knew I could go through to Q2 today, but the change just made the car not great. Sadly, we’re out. As I said, it’s disappointing as I was convinced I could get to Q2 but instead I’m out in Q1. The race is usually a different story. Let’s see how it goes, hopefully the rear suspension will evolve and we’ll pick up some rear ride-height – that will help.
Кевин Магнусен:
I made a mistake and went off – I was on the limit. I knew that if I got a perfect lap in we could probably beat Raikkonen, so I tried to go for it. You have to give it a go but it didn’t work. We were either going to be 15th, or potentially 14th, we had nothing really to lose. It was good to get through to Q2 at least. P15 is one of the better qualifying results we’ve had this year, so we’ll take that. I’m hoping that we can do something tomorrow in the race, but I don’t think we really have the pace. It’ll have to be something out of the ordinary – so fingers crossed for that.
Гюнтер Щайнер:
At the moment, getting into Q2, it’s a good thing for us – we’re happy about that. Overall, the performance is still not where we want to be, but at least we’re going in the right direction. Both drivers did a good job, it’s just so tight to get out of Q1. So, we come away 15th and 16th on the grid. Kevin (Magnussen) tried to do the impossible when he got into Q2, which was to try and gain a few more spots. It didn’t work out, but he did the right thing, he tried hard – he could have been 14th on a good day. Hopefully tomorrow we can hold the pace of the other cars, put a good race in, and try and enjoy ourselves doing what we’re doing.