Ред Бул RB19 (представяне)

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Ред Бул ще представят оцветяването на RB19 - болидът им за сезон 2023 от Формула 1.

Очаква се съща така да бъде обявено и сътрудничеството на Ред Бул и Форд относно двигателите за 2026 година.

Представянето ще бъде излъчвано на живо:

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At Oracle Red Bull Racing we always strive to do things first and do things differently. This is the first time we have launched our season outside of the UK and the first time any F1 Team has launched in the USA. The growth of our sport in America cannot be ignored, there are over 50 million F1 fans in the USA, of which 72% follow us, and the way the fans have embraced our Team here has been very special to see. Oracle Red Bull Racing will be Stateside more than ever in 2023, not just racing but also running Red Bull Showruns and the first F1 Team led road trip in America, the USA Grand Tauro, later this year. We also wanted to celebrate with, and welcome, Ford in their home country, as they become Red Bull Powertrains new partner from 2026. This will be a true strategic technical partnership; Ford will assist with battery and hybrid technology and much more to keep the Team ahead of the competition. I am already very excited about the possibilities that this partnership will offer both of us globally.

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