Серхио Перес напуска Рейсинг Пойнт след края на сезон 2020

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Серхио Перес ще напусне екипа на Рейсинг Пойнт след края на сезон 2020. Новината съобщи самият той преди броени минути в twitter.

През последните седем сезона, Перес караше за Форс Индия, отборът който смени името си миналия сезон на Ресйинг Пойнт, а от догодина ще се нарича Астън Мартин.

Серхио Перес:
Everything in life always has a beginning and an end, and after seven years together, my time with the team will come to an end after this season.
It hurts a bis as I bet on the team during very rough times; we managed to overcome obstacles and I am very proud of saving the jobs of several of my teammates.
I'll keep the memories of the great moments lived together, the friendships and the satisfaction of always giving my all.
I will always be grateful for the opportunity giben to me by Vijay Mallya, who believed in me in 2014 and allowed me to continue my F1 career with Force India.
To the current administration, led by Lawrence Stroll, I wish nothing but the best in the future, specially with the upcoming Aston Martin project.
I don't have a plan B. My intention is to continue racing here, but that would depend on finding a project that motivates me to continue giving my 100 percent in each lap.
I want to thank each one of you who have been with me throughout these 10 years.
To my family, who has always been there to support me despite anything.
To all the sponsors who believed in my project, to my staff, and mainly God, who blessed me with the opportunity to live this incredible adventure called F1.
I hope I can give you some good news real soon, but for now, let's enjoy together the next races.
I carry you in my heart!

Отмар Шафнауер:
Checo has been part of the Silverstone family for seven years and in that time has become one of the most complete drivers on the grid.
Blisteringly quick on Saturday and Sunday, he’s established his reputation as a tenacious racer and together we have enjoyed some fantastic moments. If there was ever a sniff of a podium, Checo was ready to pounce, and those five podiums represent some of the finest days in the history of this team.
Outside of the car, Checo is a true character and a good friend, and it’s been a pleasure working with him for such a long time.
Although we will say goodbye at the end of the year, there are still nine races to go and plenty of opportunities for Checo to make some more special memories with this team.

Напускането на Перес, най-вероятно означава, че скоро Себастиан Фетел ще бъде обявен, като пилот на бъдещия екип на Астън Мартин.

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