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Болидът на Рено RS19, на който ще разчитат Даниел Рикардо и Нико Хюлкенберг за сезон 2019 беше представен днес.

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Даниел Рикардо:
Renault has a massive history in motorsport, so to be part of the next step of their Formula 1 journey is an exciting challenge. I’m here to do a job on track and drive as fast as possible, but I would like to bring the team energy. I want to put a spring in everyone’s step because that’s part of my job and also my character. I aim to be able to get the team to work that extra bit harder, put in more effort and rally everyone together. I’d like to be a catalyst for positive energy.

Everything I learnt in 2018 will make me a better version of myself in 2019. The difference will be a more mature person. I have more clarity of where I’m going and I aim for that to be shown with good results on track. I feel a lot of positive pressure and expectation to do good things, but that’s something I’m looking forward to taking on.

Нико Хюлкенберг:
As a team, we’ve developed a lot since the start of 2017 and that’s all part of the process if we want to achieve our long-term targets. When I arrived, the infrastructure was still young, we’ve come a long way since then with a lot of progress. I want to extract the best from myself and maximise the potential from the team and the car. The important thing is, as a team, we take a good leap forward and perform better consistently. We want the trend to continue upwards and keep the developments coming.

Жером Строл:
At Renault, we are passionate about motorsport. Our history in F1 has continued unbroken for more than 40 years. Formula 1 is a show, a spectacle, pure entertainment, but it is also the highest level in motorsport. A passion for Formula 1 is a metaphor for fighting spirit, determination, resilience but also progress thanks to the limitless innovation that inspires the sport. But this passion has to be tempered with a healthy dose of reality. F1 makes sense for Renault; it is a laboratory for our future road going technology – as seen by the new engine designation – Renault E-Tech 19. It is a very exciting time to be part of F1.

Сирил Абитбул:
Launching all these projects while participating in the championship was an incredible challenge, as was getting the major points finished. The final commissioning of the investments was a tremendous achievement and I’m impressed by how everyone has taken to the task. This shows in the momentum we have gathered: ninth in 2016 with eight points, sixth in 2017 with 57 points and fourth last year with 122 points. We go into this season aiming to keep this strong and measured momentum. We do not target x or y position or a number of points: what I want to see is that the team continues its trajectory of progression towards the top teams. Engine excellency will be our priority in Viry while the structure now in place in Enstone strives to improve the competitiveness of the chassis, season after season.

Renault R.S.19

Chassis: Moulded carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque, manufactured by Renault F1 Team and designed for maximum strength with minimum weight. Renault E-Tech 19 power unit installed as a fully-stressed member.
Front Suspension: Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones operate an inboard rocker via a pushrod system. This is connected to torsion bar and damper units which are mounted inside the front of the monocoque. Aluminium uprights and OZ machined magnesium wheels.
Rear Suspension: Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones with pull rod operated torsion bars and transverse-mounted damper units mounted inside the gearbox casing. Aluminium uprights and OZ machined magnesium wheels.
Transmission: Eight-speed semi-automatic carbon maincase gearbox with reverse gear. “Quickshift” system in operation to maximise speed of gearshifts.
Fuel System: Kevlar-reinforced rubber fuel cell by ATL.
Electrical: MES-Microsoft Standard Electronic Control Unit.
Braking System: Carbon discs and pads. Calipers by Brembo S.p.A. Master cylinders by AP Racing.
Cockpit: Removable driver’s seat made of anatomically formed carbon composite, with six-point harness seat belt. Steering wheel integrates gear change paddles, clutch paddles, and DRS.

Dimensions and Weight
Front Track: 1600mm
Rear Track: 1550mm
Overall Length: 5480mm
Overall Height: 950mm
Overall Width: 2000mm
Overall Weight: 743kg, with driver, cameras and ballast

Displacement: 1.6L V6
Number of cylinders: 6
Rev limit: 15,000rpm
Pressure charging: Single turbocharger, unlimited boost pressure (typical 5 bar abs)
Fuel flow limit: 100kg/h
Permitted fuel quantity per race: 110kg
Configuration: 90deg V6
Bore: 80mm
Stroke: 53mm
Crank height: 90mm
Number of valves: 4 per cylinder, 24
Fuel: Direct fuel injection

Energy Recovery Systems
MGU-K rpm: Max 50,000rpm
MGU-K power: Max 120kW
Energy recovered by MGU-K: Max 2 MJ/lap
Energy released by MGU-K: Max 4 MJ/lap
MGU-H rpm: >100,000rpm
Energy recovered by MGU-H: Unlimited

Weight: Min 145kg

Number of Power Units permitted per driver in 2019: 3 ICE/Turbo/MGUH and 2 MGUK/ES/CU
Total horsepower: More than 950hp

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