Педро де ла Роса ще кара за HRT през 2012

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Педро де ла Роса ще се завърне към пилотирането във Формула 1 като пилот на HRT. Той ще се присъедни към отбора през януари 2012, като договорът му е за две години.

Педро де ла Роса:
This is a very important step in my sporting career and one of the most meditated ones I’ve taken. I’m at a very good stage in terms of maturity and am prepared to take on this challenge, which motivates me hugely. When deciding on joining this project, for me there were three decisive factors: my desire to return to the active competition, the fact that HRT is a Spanish team and getting to know the people leading this project, Luis Pérez-Sala being amongst them. I’m here to work hard, with modesty and humility, accepting where we are now but keeping in mind where we want to be in 2 years time. For me, this is the time to put into practice everything that I have learnt over the years at international top level racing teams so that we can grow together. I am proud that Spain has an F1 team and that I have this opportunity to be its driver. I can only show my gratitude towards HRT for having trusted in me for this. Lastly, I can’t forget to thank McLaren for allowing me to take this step. I have been very happy over the eight seasons I spent with them, growing as a driver and person. Without them I wouldn’t be here today.

After more than a decade in Formula 1, I’ll always think of Woking as a second home. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank sincerely everyone at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes for helping me develop into a much more complete driver, and person, than I was when I first joined the team back in 2003.
Of course, the happiest McLaren moment for me personally was finishing second in Hungary in 2006, but I’m just as proud of helping Lewis [Hamilton] and the team to the 2008 drivers’ world championship – a genuine team effort – and helping to develop a fantastic series of cars that won grands prix throughout my entire time with the team.
Finally, I want to thank Martin [Whitmarsh] for giving me the opportunity to follow my heart. He’s not only been one of my strongest supporters throughout my career, but also a very good friend to me and my family.
I regard Vodafone McLaren Mercedes as the best and most professional team in Formula 1 and, while I’m proud to be taking on a new challenge in my life and career, there will always be a special place in my heart for my friends, the hard-working men and women of Woking, for whom I have a huge amount of respect and admiration.

Колин Колес:
The team’s objective has always been to reinforce itself in every aspect: economically, technically and in a sporting aspect. Without a doubt, the addition of Pedro de la Rosa for next year will be a fundamental foundation in the development of our project. We are a young team that needs to continue progressing and with this incorporation I am convinced that we will do just that. Apart from being a great person he is an experienced driver as his career and prestige in Formula 1 prove. I give him my most sincere welcome. I am sure that he will adapt perfectly and that together we will achieve great things.

Лиус-Перес Сала:
We have been working very hard for months on next season with the aim of making HRT F1 Team a more stable, competitive and reliable team and, little by little, this hard work is paying off. Having Pedro on board for this project is great news and with his ability and experience we are sure that we can take an important stride. I would like to thank Pedro for his trust and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes for its predisposition to reach a positive agreement for everybody.

Мартин уитмарш:
Pedro’s contribution to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has been fantastically valuable – perhaps even more valuable than may be apparent to outsiders in fact – ever since he joined us in 2003.
As a test driver, he’s been extraordinarily hard-working – on track and, latterly, more often, in our simulator – and his feedback has been reliable and expert. But his contributions have gone wider and deeper than that: Pedro is the archetypal team player, a big motivational presence in our team, and, perhaps because of that, he’s someone whom I personally will always count as a true friend.
In 2010 and 2011 he drove some races for the Sauber team – and, although he’s always approached his test and development work with McLaren with energy and enthusiasm, he remains a racer at heart. For that reason, we understand and support his decision to join HRT as a race driver, and we wish him well. It goes without saying, however, that he’ll be missed.
Having said that, we’ll continue to be well served by Gary [Paffett] and Oliver [Turvey], both of whom will continue their excellent test and development work for us in Pedro’s absence.

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то па не си намери място
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@AlonsoBest: като Алонсо ли?
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хубава новина. Явно пак нова пилотска двойка в HRT. Рикиардо сигурно отива в Торо Росо. Буеми може би е аут от там?
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